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Gerald Celente - On the Brink Show - April 18, 2018

18 Apr 2018

Gerald's predictions for the markets

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16 Apr 2018

Gerald Celente - Financial Survival Network - April 16, 2018

Gerald Celente of The Trends Journal is outraged. Why are we attacking Syria? Why was it done on Friday, other than to avoid a hit to the markets. And it seems to have worked. But are conventional weapons really more humane than chemical weapons? Gerald thinks not. It’s amazing that we’re in this situation. Gerald doesn’t believe we’re heading for a crash, at least not now. But the underlying economy is not so swell. It’s weaknesses will become more apparent as we go along. Will that cause the Fed to pause interest rate hikes? Watch

15 Apr 2018

Gerald Celente - Tutto Italiano! - April 15, 2018

Gerald Celente talks about growing up Italian in Yonkers, NY and his book "What Zizi gave Honeyboy". Watch

16 Apr 2018

Gerald Celente - Infowars - April 16, 2018

I guest hosted on Infowars again this week covering: Syrian Attack Is A Globalist Trap To Snare Trump, Does The Deep State Run Trump?, Pompeo Brags About Killing Russians, The Left Backs China In Trade War. Watch

13 Apr 2018

Gerald Celente - YouToo America - April 13, 2018

The dangers of a black swan event in the middle east and how it could lead to WWIII. Watch

12 Apr 2018

Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show - April 12, 2018

Ready For War! Are You Prepared? Powerful and fast moving events are now accelerating toward the "Market Shock, Mass Murder" top trend for 2018 we had forecast in December. In making that forecast, we demonstrated how the United States/Israeli alliance under President Donald Trump was being greatly fortified, and how Saudi Arabia, a former avowed enemy of Israel, had joined that alliance. Watch